Panamá is strategically located in Central America, a few hours flying distance from North and South America. Due to its excellent telecommunications infrastructure and its multiple flight connections, it is a perfect country to conduct businesses.

The population of Panama, with nearly three million habitants, is as diverse as its landscape, reflecting the great number of cultures that have crossed the Isthmus. The official language of Panamanians is Spanish, but most professionals speak English.

In terms of tourism, Panama offers numerous attractions that go well beyond the Canal. The natural surroundings of Panama offer enormous biological diversity, and are important scientific areas of study. From its valleys and mountains, to its forests and beaches, Panama offers destinations for all tastes.

The currency of legal tender in Panama is the United States Dollars, which also offers many advantages for businesspeople. The system of Government is presidential, democratic and sovereign, and the country has enjoyed political stability for a number of years.

The country’s economy is based on a financial system composed of an International Banking Center with approximately 100 banks, and regulated by a sophisticated legislation accorded to GAFI recommendations. On the other hand, the Free Zone of Colon, as the second largest in the world after Hong Kong, is also of great importance to the economy. The Panama Canal and its lands offer great investment opportunities and Panamanian ports offer excellent facilities for multimodal transportation.