SUCRE, BRICEÑO & Co., a law firm with a global business vision, offers comprehensive legal solutions.

Boasting a multidisciplinary team of attorneys, SUCRE, BRICEÑO & Co. offers a wide variety of legal services in a quick and comprehensive manner, a fact that translates into direct benefits for its clients.

Having the necessary human and technological resources and a dedicated team of attorneys committed to fulfilling the mission and the vision of SUCRE, BRICEÑO & Co., we are trained to offer you guidance in complex, innovative and multilateral transactions with repercussions in different jurisdictions; that is why our group of professionals place at your disposal, all their academic knowledge, with the goal of providing you with their advice down to the minutest detail pertaining to the operation and management of your business.

Likewise, SUCRE, BRICEÑO & Co. has the support of an extensive network of agents; this network is composed of prestigious law firms located throughout Latin America, a fact that strengthens the presence of our firm in the region.

Notwithstanding the type of advice that you may be looking for, our commitment to quality and efficiency shall always be the same, since we see all our clients as potential strategic partners and our mission is to establish the bases to encourage mutual growth in such a way that these clients may come to perceive SUCRE, BRICEÑO & Co. as part of their team, thus resulting in a comfortable and natural relationship between our companies.