Corporate Law

This is one of the main areas in the practice of Law on which SUBRICO bases its experience to place it at your disposal:
  1. Mergers, Acquisitions and Sales of Companies and Assets.
  2. Due Diligence for companies and businesses.
  3. Alliances and Joint Ventures.
  4. Establishment of Trusts.
  5. Commercial Contracting in general.
  6. Reorganization of Companies and Bankruptcy Procedures.

Business Law

On the subject of partnerships, we specialize in offering the corporate vehicles (tools) adapted to your needs to protect your assets, by doing the following:
  1. Establishment and Registration of stock companies (corporations) in Panama, the British Virgin Islands (BVI), Belize, Cyprus and the Seychelles.
  2. Establishment and Registration of Limited Liability Stock Companies (Corporations) in Panama and Delaware.
  3. Granting of Powers of Attorney.
  4. Preparation and Registration of Minutes for General Shareholders Meetings or Board of Directors Meetings.
  5. Corporate Government.
  6. Shareholders Agreements.
  7. Dissolution of Corporations.
  8. Establishment and Registration of Private Interest Foundations and their Regulations.

Tax Law

In an ever more complex world due to the constant changes in tax matters, we offer you advice so that your assets, businesses and investments will enjoy the best tax benefits possible, through:
  1. Tax Planning and Advice (Consultancy).
  2. Tax Structuring.
  3. Taxation between Linked (Related) Companies.
  4. Tax Processes.
  5. Taxation of Foreign Companies.

Banking Law

We offer legal advice services on banking matters, both to local financial intermediaries as well as international financial intermediaries.
  1. Obtaining Operation Banking Licenses.
  2. Negotiating and Granting of Credits.
  3. Bank Contracting in general.
  4. Banking Regulations.
  5. Procedures before the Superintendency of Banks.

Financial Law

We specialize on offering advice to companies that gather economic resources through the public offering of stocks or the private placement of stock-exchange instruments, due to the fact that we work conjointly with investment banks and auditing firms, to guide our clients in the following areas:
  1. Issuance of Stocks.
  2. Securitisation.
  3. Investment Funds and Corporations (Partnerships).
  4. Hedge Funds.
  5. Registration of Companies before the Superintendency and Stock Market Exchange Commission.
  6. Advice on Matters of Foreign Investment.

Intellectual Property

In a globalized world, where knowledge is the main resource for any company, we have specialized in providing our clients with the necessary tools to protect their creations, by doing the following:
  1. Registration of Brands, Invention Patents, Industrial Drawings and Models and Geographical Indications of Origin.
  2. Publicity.
  3. Processes for the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights.
  4. Franchise Contracts and Licenses to Use.
  5. Protection of Rights over Literary and Artistic Works, Films, Musical Works, Works of Art and Architectural Designs.

Sanitary Registrations

With the growing and ever changing pharmaceutical market worldwide, it is necessary to depend on persons who are fully trained in the knowledge of such a complex area of business, and at SUBRICO we are in a position to offer you these services and products:
  1. Sanitary Registrations.
  2. Pharmaceutical Regulatory Matters.
  3. Distribution and Representation Agreements.

Real Estate Law

We specialize in offering a comprehensive service when the time comes to invest on real estate projects and we are at your disposal for the following:
  1. Verification of the Legal Status of Real Estate.
  2. Financial Structuring of Real Estate Projects and Purchases.
  3. Promotion and Construction Contracts.
  4. Contracts for the Sale of Real Estate.
  5. Leasing Agreements.
  6. Protection of Real Estate Investments.
  7. Writing, Approval and Registration of Joint Ownership (PH) Regulations.
  8. Segregation and Incorporation of Properties.
  9. Assignation of Titles for Properties.

Energy And Telecommunications

Ever since the opening of the telecommunications and energy markets in Panama and around the world, our firm has prepared itself and has in fact represented various companies interested in operating in different countries; that is why we offer quality and experience in these services:
  1. Energy and Natural Resource Concessions.
  2. Energy Projects.
  3. Sectorial Contracting.
  4. Purchase and Sale of Assets.
  5. Permits and Licenses.
  6. Regulatory Matters.

Labor Law

We offer a wide variety of services in the labor area:
  1. Labor Procurement (Employment Contracts)
  2. Writing and Approval of Internal Work Regulations
  3. Representation before Individual or Collective Conciliation (Proceedings)
  4. Proceedings before the Labor Court (Jurisdiction)
  5. Advice on Social Security
  6. Collective Negotiations
  7. Outsourcing of Services
  8. Advice on Labor Planning


We have a department dedicated to tend to your litigation needs, especially before Family, Civil and Commerce Courts in the following areas of practice:
  1. Civil and Commercial Proceedings.
  2. Constitutional Proceedings.
  3. Family Proceedings.
  4. National and International Arbitration.
  5. Appeals.
  6. Alternative Dispute Resolutions.


Our experience allows us to offer immigration status processing in any of its modalities before immigration authorities, both for those individuals coming to set down roots in our country, as well as for their relatives. We are in a position to process your residency permits, as well as your naturalization letters if required, among others:
  1. Immigration status processing in all of its modalities:
    • - Temporary Residents or Eventual Workers.
    • - Investors.
    • - Domestic Workers.
    • - Short Sojourns (Stays).
    • - Technical.
  2. Extension of Tourist Visas.
  3. Processing of Work Permits for Foreigners.

Insurance Law

We offer advice to insurance companies as well as the insured and the main local insurance brokers by offering the following:
  1. Advice on Regulatory Matters
  2. Administrative Proceedings before the Insurance Superintendency.
  3. Obtaining Licenses for Insurance Companies, Reinsurance Companies and Brokers.
  4. Insurance Policy Analysis.
  5. Assignment of Portfolios.
  6. Training for Insurance Company Personnel and Insurance Brokers.
  7. Recovery.

Environmental Law

We provide trained personnel through comprehensive instruction, with the environmental background required for the promotion and dissemination of sustainable development with a high standard and quality of life, through compliance with the environmental norms necessary for living in harmony:
  1. Asesoramiento Legal Ambiental.
  2. Environmental Legal Advice.
  3. Administrative management for the approval of Environmental Impact Studies before the Competent Authority.

Administrative and
Government Law

We will advise you, represent you and process your negotiations before State entities in matters of:
  1. Public Procurement (Contracting).
  2. Relations with the State.
  3. Public Infrastructure.
  4. Expropriations.
  5. Administrative Litigation Proceedings (Processes).
  6. Concession Contracts.
  7. Public Tenders (Bidding Processes).

Aviation Law

Panama is one of the Hubs connecting the entire American Continent in a modern and efficient manner. Taking advantage of this fact, our Law Firm places at your disposal personnel trained on this matter, ready to advise you in the following areas.
  1. Procurement (Contracting).
  2. Aircraft Registration.
  3. Obtaining and Renewing Operation Permits.
  4. Registration of Commercial Fares, Routes and Itineraries.
  5. Registration of New Destinations, Flight Frequency Increases, Overflight Permits and Operation Adjustments.
  6. Preparation of Aircraft Charter Contracts (Charters, Wet Lease and Dry Lease).

Maritime Law

The Panama Canal and our country’s privileged geographical position have turned us into a leader on this subject matter. Aiming to offer quality service to our clients, we provide the following services:
  1. Registration and Flag Assignation of ships.
  2. Purchase and sale of ships.
  3. Financing of ships.
  4. Obtaining Licenses (provisioning, boat service and shipping agency, among others).

International Law

With the growing number of free trade treaties and information exchange treaties that have been subscribed between different nations, and the laws promoting investment that have been adopted in Panama, which make the country very attractive for big multinationals looking to set up here, our team has acquired an unequaled level of experience to advise you regarding the following areas:
  1. Advice on the reach relating to the application of Information Exchange Treaties.
  2. Advice on how to exploit the advantages offered by Free Trade Treaties.
  3. Advice and securing authorization to operate under the following systems:
    • - Headquarters of Multinational Companies.
    • - Panama-Pacific Economic Area.
    • - City of Knowledge.
    • - Export Processing Zones.
    • - Colón Free Zone.
    • - Fuel Free Zone.